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Katie LanceThanks for visiting my website! I’m thrilled that you are here and excited to tell you a little bit about myself…

I have been in the marketing and branding world for more than 15 years but in the last 7 years have fallen in love with social media. When I started my consulting firm in 2012, I made a conscious decision to not be ‘all things to all people,’ and to focus on the one thing I am fired up about – social media!

So what do I do?

I consult.

I help companies get smart about social media! I specialize in in working with real estate and mortgage companies, tech firms and start up organizations.

Many of my clients already have amazing marketing and communications teams – but what they lack is someone with the know-how to put together and implement a solid social media strategy. They have questions about which platforms to be on, what to post, what their strategy is going to be, how it fits into their current marketing plan, what’s the ROI, who should manage it, and what software they need. So this is where I come in! Click here to find out more how you can work with me.

I coach executives.

Most executives know they should be on social media, but they are afraid of posting the wrong thing, embarrassing the company (or themselves), and frankly don’t think they have the time to do it. This is where I come in.

I sit down with CEOs and EVPs and talk to them one-on-one about what they want to accomplish in social media. We open up their Facebook page and look at their privacy settings. We walk through their LinkedIn profile and talk strategy. We have a frank conversation, privately and in the comfort of their office – either in person or virtually.

I am a speaker.

I am one of those crazy fools that loves to do public speaking and am most comfortable when I’m stage ‘doing my thing!’ In the last two years I have had the good fortune to speak to more than 50,000 professionals all across North America. Click here to find out how you can book me for your next event.

I am a writer.

I love to write! In the last four years, I have written more than 400 articles covering social media, mobile apps, new technology and women in business. Currently, you can catch some of my posts on The Huffington Post, Women 2.0, Medium, 12 Most, Inman News, Inman Next and of course, my blog here!

So what did I do before all of this?

I was the chief strategist and social media director for Inman News. I’m proud to say that during my time with Inman, their social footprint increased from 7,000 fans and followers to more than 250,000. In 2011, I launched Inman’s ambassador program, which currently includes some of the real estate industry’s most socially active members. The Inman ambassador program now has a reach of well over 2M friends and followers.

I also co-founded Inman Next – the leading real estate industry blog and was the managing editor for FOREM (Future of Real Estate Marketing) – one of the oldest and most respected real estate blogs. Prior, I headed up the marketing department at a boutique real estate brokerage in the San Francisco bay area.

What motivates me?

My clients and the work that we do – but even more so – my family. I am happily married to an amazing man and a mommy to two beautiful little boys. They are the inspiration for it all!


For more information about my consulting services or to book me for your next event, please click here to contact me today!


“Katie is the epitome of smart energy. She’s a visionary, leader and strong voice in the real estate technology industry, as well as women in business. She has given me information that has helped me immeasurably with my clients and she’s always available to lend insight and info whenever I need it. I love her writing and she’s an amazing ball of energy up on stage. I would consider Katie to be one of the big influencers in my professional life and would recommend her to anyone looking for deep knowledge of social media marketing, tech tools, public speaking and connections all over the world” Julie Ziemelis, Owner and Chief Strategist, Ziemelis Communications